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What is AudienceData?

Let Real People revolutionise your audience targeting!

AudienceData is putting an end to bland and generic campaign targeting. Our segments are based on Real People – and the many differences defining Real People. With a proprietary tech stack and reliance on our own data ecosystem we provide both high performance and transparency.


Know what kind of data you’re buying

Because most of the audience segments you’re buying today are based on data from multiple providers,  it’s close to impossible to know what kind of methodology is being used to build them and even more importantly where the data originally comes from. Our segments are derived solely from our own data ecosystem. The result: more reliable segments that put you in front of the competition.


Stop guessing. Predict actual performance.

When possible, we measure our segments using affinity. This indicates how much you’re improving chances of reaching the right audience when you target segments instead of the general population. And with detailed cost examples, you’ll know if data will pay off for your campaign.

Real People

Based on real people for optimal quality

Each of our segments is based on real survey answers from real people in combination with intelligent behavioural analysis. In the world of audience segmentation, this makes a huge difference for quality. Don’t believe us? With our full transparency you can check it out yourself.


We obsess about privacy so you don’t have to

It goes without saying, that all segments are completely anonymised and encrypted before they are made available in any platform. Now, you can finally make worry-free decisions based on trustworthy data, and rest assured that everything complies with the GDPR guidelines.

Identify. Target. Validate.

Part of something bigger

By using AudienceData you are not only engaging with the most transparent quality segments in the market, you are tapping into AudienceProject’s bigger ecosystem where you can identify audiences, build your own custom segments, measure their actual brand lift effects and validate campaigns.


Segments to suit every need

Different campaigns require different targeting methods, which is why our segments come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And if none of our existing segments suit your exact needs, fear not – you can easily build your own custom segments!

Geomatic Online segments

Target people with a set of common features based on a wide range of variables. Currently only available in Denmark.


Target people based on their amount of cultural and economic resources. Available in Norway only.


Target people who have shown an intention of buying a new computer, a gaming console, gardening equipment, etc. Currently only available in Denmark.


Target people based on gender, income, etc. and estimate campaign performance and cost improvements with affinity.

Purchase Intent

Target people who have shown a real intent within the past months of going travelling, buying a car, smartphone, etc.
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